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We help you design, build, operate and market Vertical Farms. Step by step we offer our services & know-how to create a Vertical Farm suited to your needs. Whether in the remote regions such as mountains or islands, regions with scarce resources such as food deserts or in urban cityscapes. We help you integrate Vertical Farming within your business. You are one click away from growing more with less.

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We analyze and fund

I: Market Analysis - We analyse your market.
II: Feasibility Study – We create a feasibility study for a specific location.
III. Funding structure – We support you with the funding of your Vertical Farm.

We design & plan

IV: Architectural planning & engineering - We design the best vertical farm for your case
V: We support with local authorities & building permissions
VI: Technology & energy suppliers – We organize and plan the supply for your case

We build

VII: Building - We manage the building & construction process
VIII: Testing – We ensure quality control by testing the Vertical Farms
IX: Updating – We constantly update the Vertical Farms for better performance

We operate & manage

X: Set-Up Farm Team – We recruit & train the best farm team for your Vertical Farms
XI: Operation & logistics – We organise the supplies for an optimal operation & collaborate with the best logistics partner
XII: Farm processes – We optimize farm processes over time to improve the performance & quality of the Vertical Farm

We market

XIII: Go-to-market strategy – We create a strategy for the entrance in your specific market
XIV: Branding & content creation – We offer our brand and content to market your plants the best possible way
XV: Marketing & communications – We offer the service to increase sales with our marketing & communications


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