Aiming High

Carolin Eitel

April 2020

Transfer Aiming high Magnificent golden fields of rapeseed swaying in the wind certainly make for an idyllic landscape – but this traditional type of farming requires a lot of land. Yasai, a fledgling ETH spin-off, decided to look for an alternative. Now the company’s founders are aiming high with what they call “integrated vertical farming”. Their vision is to produce high-quality local food in old industrial buildings by creating vertical farms that require minimal water. As well as growing crops vertically, the other key to their innovative concept is a circular economy. By recycling and reusing water, CO2 and bioenergy, Yasai can use waste from cities to promote plant growth in its vertical farms. The company also uses its own organic waste – such as inedible plant roots – to generate energy. Yasai is currently planning its first large-scale vertical farm in Gossau, Switzerland. It already offers private individuals the opportunity to purchase vertical farms that can be customised to grow herbs, salad or strawberries.


· Saves space

· Saves water

· Saves energy

· Local

· Sustainable