About us

We are passionate about changing the agriculture industry and finding new sustainable methods through research and innovation.



With Vertical Farming as a Service based on a circular economy. With the right people, technology & know-how we actively shape the future of food, whether in deserts, cities, remote islands or in outer space.

"Our mission is to feed the world sustainably and contribute to your health."

Our story

Creating impact to change the industry as we know it today.

YASAI, established in 2020, provides "vertical farming as a service" — a fully-integrated solution that allows our customers to build, operate, and market their vertical farms and products.

YASAI creates circular food production systems in cities and regions where agricultural resources, such as freshwater and fertile arable land, are scarce. Our model boosts biodiversity by combining food production with resource-saving technologies and drastically reducing pesticide use. By focusing on locality and premium quality, YASAI replaces food imports and lowers production costs across the supply chain.

Our values

growing together

  • Curosity

    Be curious and willing to learn. Explore creative ways to solve challenging problems and join us on our evolutionary journey.

  • Integrity

    Do things with integrity and allow your actions to match your words. Adopt a virtuous mindset and contribute to the creation of a corrupt-free environment.

  • Impact

    Be mindful and act with intention. Contribute to the betterment of society and the future of our planet.

  • Transparency

    Communicate with sincere intentions and clarity to create an environment of trust and acceptance.

  • Diversity

    Thrive in a multiverse of people by cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and is free to be their true, authentic selves.