Industry Leaders fortify YASAI's Board of Directors

Press Release

Zurich, January 24th, 2023

Industry Leaders fortify YASAI's Board of Directors

The startup has gained two industry leaders for its Board of Directors Lorenz Wyss, CEO of the Bell Food Group, and Theo Stolze, former shareholder of the Stolze Group. YASAI AG is well-positioned to achieve its growth targets, leveraging Mr. Wyss’s retail and market insights, as well as Mr. Stolze’s in-depth technology competence. New Board Members combine essential expertise Overseeing the Bell Food Group as Chief Executive Officer since 2011, Lorenz Wyss is leading an international food company with more than 12,000 employees. Initially known for producing meat, the company now offers a wide range of convenience products, as well as plant-based meat alternatives. The Eisberg food company, part of the Bell Food Group, already serves as YASAI's nationwide distribution partner. With Mr. Wyss as an industry expert and Bell Food Group as a new investor, YASAI's position in the market will be further strengthened. The Bell Food Group has invested an undisclosed amount in YASAI’s convertible loan round to accelerate scaling. On the other hand, Theo Stolze's extensive knowledge of novel farming technologies forms the professional counterweight of the Board. As export director of the Stolze Group for over 30 years, he led the Dutch company to international success. The Stolze Group specializes in tailored, technical solutions for greenhouse systems and has been in business for more than 50 years. Theo Stolze now supports the scaling of YASAI both as an investor and as a new board member. Tenfold increase in YASAI’s production capacity. Established three years ago, YASAI has become the leading vertical farming company in Switzerland. The construction of two additional industrial farms, as well as another farm integrated into a residential area, are already planned to scale up production in the coming years. Hence, YASAI plans a tenfold increase in its production capacity to meet constantly growing demand and expand its product portfolio with its trade partners.


YASAI AG is a vertical farming Start-Up founded in 2020 by Mark E. Zahran, Stefano Augstburger, and Philipp Bosshard in Zurich. The company builds and manages Vertical Farms based on circular economy to improve food systems. Its controlled environment agriculture technology is independent of local circumstances, and can therefore be used worldwide for sustainable, future-oriented precision agriculture. Currently, YASAI is primarily growing herbs. In the next stages of its development, it intends to broaden its product portfolio with leafy greens and cosmetic plants. YASAI’s products are available in Coop, Jelmoli stores, and