June 5, 2021

YASAI is honored to be among the five winners of the Mars Habitat Challenge by Venturelab !

We aim to expand our consciousness & human life beyond earth. YASAI supports the development of circular systems for Mars and Earth! 🌍
Circularity will be key for the survival of our species, whether here on Earth on in outter space in remote regions.
This is why YASAI is focusing on creating circular food systems with zero waste!

We are developing ways to:

- Recycle nutrients out of waste water for the growth of our plants
- Reuse heat produced by our LEDs to heat up neighbouring spaces
- Recreate clean energy out of the bio waste we produce to power our vertical farms
- Reactivate unused spaces such as underground bunkers to grow food without sunlight
- Reuse CO2 as a resource to accelerate plant growth in our vertical farms and to create oxygen