Yasai's contribution to the Lafarge Holcim Design Award: between & above

Mar 7, 2020

Together with Architect Raoul Dubois, Yasai developed a design and strategy to recover a former mining landscape into the largest Vertical Farm of the world.

Instead of just filling up the quarry with rubble, we may create valuable space for the emerging Food- and AgTech Industry. The final design shows a research hub within the Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley for high precision farming.


The rooftop creates a new landscape and serves as recreational space for the local society, fauna & flora.


The vertical canyon-like landscape between the 43 m high limestone wall and the building itself offer a unique spatial experience between the forces of two industries of different centuries.

With this design we aim to contribute to a positive  impact for a sustainable future in terms of economy, ecology and the well-being of society!