Vegetarian Tabbouleh

A perfect, light vegetarian dish for four or more people. Suitable for any lunch.


90 gr fine bulgar wheat

4 medium tomatoes, ripe but still firm (600g)

2 medium shallots (60g)4 large bunches fresh flat-leaf parsley (160g)

2 bunches fresh mint (30g)

1 tsp ground allspice3-4 tbsp lemon juice

120ml top-quality olive oil

Salt and black pepper



1. Put the bulgar in a fine sieve and put under the cold tap until the water runs clear and most of the starch has been removed. Transfer to a bowl.

2. Cut the tomatoes into 0.5cm dice (a small serrated knife is the best tool for this job) and add to the bowl, along with any juices. Chop the shallots as fine as you can and add to the bowl.

3. Take a few stalks of parsley and pack them together tightly. Use a large, very sharp knife to trim off the end of the stalks, then chop the remaining stems and leaves as finely as possible and no wider than 1mm. (If you can't achieve that first go, go over the chopped parsley again, this time with the heel of the blade.) Add the parsley to the bowl.

4. Pick the mint leaves, pack a few together tightly, chop as finely as the parsley and add to the bowl. Finally stir in the allspice, lemon juice to taste, olive oil, salt and pepper. Taste, adjust the seasoning and serve at room temperature.